Why ‘Getting Money Out of Politics’ Hurts the Little Guy

Imagine running for Congress against Michelle Obama. No, the first lady hasn’t declared her interest, but if she did, she’d immediately be a formidable candidate. The reasons are obvious: Mrs. Obama would start with universal name recognition, an immediate following on social media, and a vast national fundraising network that would quickly and easily raise her the millions of dollars she’d need to run a campaign.

Now imagine that candidate Michelle Obama asked all of the candidates to limit their fundraising to only small donations. Campaign donors, even independently of you, wouldn’t be allowed to spend more than $1,000 urging voters to support you for whatever reason. Who would win the race if all of the candidates agreed to those rules? The former FLOTUS would, no doubt.

Therein lies the problem with so-called campaign finance “reform.” Those pushing changes to campaign laws tend to favor laws that work to their own benefit.

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