An American Strategy for Cyberspace: Advancing Freedom, Security, and Prosperity

The Internet is an American success story, generating tremendous benefits at home and globally, and helping to advance American values of freedom, security, and prosperity.

It has also created challenges, among them its use by authoritarian states to repress political freedoms, by criminals to steal property and commit extortion, and by America’s adversaries and potential adversaries to use malicious code and cyber-warfare to threaten our economic and national security.

The US needs a coherent and comprehensive strategy to address these and other challenges in order to defend and promote America’s national interests in an increasingly digital world.

This report is premised on the belief that, while our present policies are well intended, they have not been sufficiently effective in achieving our key national objectives.

This report puts forward the beginnings of such a strategy in the areas of Internet freedom and human rights, international trade and digital commerce, cybercrime and law enforcement, and critical infrastructure and cyber defense.

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