EPA’s Newest Regulatory Record

As President Obama’s regulatory agenda moves into its twilight, one agency has avoided the flood of controversial rulemakings in 2016: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Typically the leader in regulatory costs and benefits, EPA is just one percent of the nation’s regulatory burden this year. Aside from a final rule on fracking and oil extraction, and the agency’s costs for 2016 would be largely non-existent.

In an administration that continues to collect regulatory records: most expensive year of regulation, highest number of major rules, and priciest single regulation, EPA’s paperwork plaudit only adds to the list. Although the agency is primarily known for the capital costs it imposes on industry, many of which are passed on to consumers, its paperwork burden shouldn’t be overlooked. With four major rules under review now, it’s likely 188 million hours isn’t the agency’s red tape ceiling.

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