Russian Violations of Borders, Treaties, and Human Rights

In this article, Satter evaluates some of the areas in which Russian actions represent a danger to the U.S., its neighbors, and civilized principles. Satter claims that the Russians are clearly ready to take risks. The willingness to insist on the truth about the Russian regime’s crimes will not in and of itself deter Russian aggressivity including the regime’s repression of its own people. But insofar as deterrence is also a matter of psychology, it will reinforce steps at the policy level to convince the Russian leaders that it is simply not in their interest to act in defiance of civilized rules. According to Satter, the Russian leaders need to be convinced that the U.S. is fully aware of their true character. This will encourage restraint and discourage miscalculation. It will also act in Russia’s long term interest, encouraging changes that will make it possible for Russia one day to take its deserved place in the world of Western nations.

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