Successful Welfare Reform: A Guaranteed Income for All?

Here is a true, empirical, universal generalization: Citizens in large and complex societies become dissatisfied when their government seizes and transfers wealth to prospective voters.  Such allocations are partially, sometimes entirely, based on political calculations. Whatever the claims and justifications, over time benefits tend to flow toward the wealthy and politically powerful.  And also to the destitute and disadvantaged, people whose votes can be harvested with promises of entitlement and welfare payments.

Intelligent people realize this transfer system is corrupting, rigged, inefficient, and grossly dysfunctional. It has corrosive effects on the ethics of the wealthy as they game the system and take from others via crony capitalism. However, the families of rural poor, intercity minorities, and reservation Indians suffer more. The incentives of the welfare system foster the breakup and non-formation of families and erode the work ethic.

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