The 2016 Annapolis Report: A Review of the 2016 Legislative Session

The 2016 General Assembly is notable more for what did not happen than for what did. In many cases, legislators failed to advance major legislation, which in the cases of tax relief or redistricting reform, did not serve the people of Maryland. In other cases, however, Maryland is better off because legislators declined to enact policies such as a sick leave mandate that would have placed yet another hidden tax on workers. This report attempts to sum up and evaluate legislators’ actions and inactions in major policy areas. The mission of the Maryland Public Policy Institute (MPPI) is to promote public policies at all levels of government based on principles of free enterprise, limited government, and civil society. Its analysis of legislative sessions has been consistent with that mission. MPPI will note cases when legislation reduces the freedom of Marylanders or expands government intervention, and praise legislation that is consistent with the Institute’s mission.

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