Attorney General Warns: Not Enough Federal Oversight of Election

Civil rights groups treat the hundreds of federal observers as their own private muscle. Complaints by  groups like the ACLU, the NAACP, and Lawyers Committee to the DOJ were an essential element to any DOJ decision to deploy observers to a particular location. Private civil rights groups can therefore enjoy bigger clout on a local level because they wield the threat of making a phone call and having taxpayer-funded federal observers appear. It’s classic rent-seeking brought to electoral politics.

What we know now is that the 2014 federal election was completed without federal observers, and without a hitch. It’s hard to see why 2016 will be any different.

Contrary to Mr. Henderson’s sky-is-falling rhetoric, the absence of federal observers in 2014 didn’t make a bit of difference. Places that did have 2014 election day problems were not places usually covered by the federal observer program, and thus the wisdom of the Shelby decision is magnified.

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