Rallying Believers to Pax Gaia

The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University is, above all, an effort to proselytize—with a specific goal of rallying religious believers to Big Greens banner.

Big Green wants to create a climate in which its ideas predominate. Some parts of the environmentalist coalition are trying to achieve the movement’s goals piecemeal, one lobbying success or election victory at a time. Other audacious thinkers on the environmentalist Left believe they can accomplish those goals much faster by changing the terms of the debate by promoting Green-tinted theology: environmentalism as religion.

The Forum on Religion and Ecology is a cleverly camouflaged effort not to study different religions, but to actively influence faith communities and their views of the environment. The Forum sees in religion, and in religion-based ethics, opportunities to shape public opinion and influence political action.

We have to pursue an environmentalist agenda because God (that is, Mother Earth) wants us to. Then there will be Pax Gaia; the sort of “peace” that comes when all resistance is ended.

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