Sober High School Makes the Case for School Choice

A unique private school, Mission Academy High School, is operated by the nonprofit Teen Recovery Solutions (TRS). Mission Academy is Oklahoma’s only “sober high school” dedicated exclusively to helping young people with serious addiction issues overcome that addiction and get an education at the same time. Students are sent to TRS from treatment centers, from school counselors, and through direct contacts by parents. Mission reports a 91 percent graduation rate and a 93 percent attendance rate, a dramatic turnaround for most of those teens.

Nationally, teens leaving inpatient addiction treatment have only a 10 to 15 percent long-term recovery rate. Those who go on to attend a sober high school have a recovery rate of 70 to 80 percent. Add on an alternative peer group like Mission Academy provides and that rate reaches 90 percent. With statistics like these, it is clear that school choice is essential to recovery for students who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.

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