Unity, Strategy, and Will

The meaning of any nation’s membership in or departure from any “union” or alliance, especially with regard to geopolitical strategies, depends entirely on the nature and degree of that unity or alliance—in short, on the extent to which these represent a common will. History teaches that international organizations, ranging from formal “unions” to informal alliances, tend to obscure the members’ differing wills, and to be hindrances to rational strategizing, individual and collective.

Since few international organizations have obscured their members’ different identities and perspectives to the degree that the European Union (EU) has, departures from it would only clarify the strategic choices of those who remain as well as of those who leave. Above all, the departure of member states from the EU would remind one and all of what Western elites have forgotten in recent decades—that the very existence of nations, never mind of coalitions, rests on bringing together the sentiments of millions of ordinary citizens.

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