Warsaw: NATO’s High Noon?

Absent serious and concrete policy commitments to turn alliance’s capabilities around, there is a real danger that politicians this side of “the pond” will indeed “pivot” to interests elsewhere. It’s not in America’s interests, and certainly not Europe’s, for that to happen. But transatlanticists shouldn’t kid themselves that vague promises and policy generalities coming from this year’s summit will be sufficient. While Americans historically have had a positive view of NATO, the last few years, according to polls taken by Pew, the “unfavorable” view of the alliance has increased by a third and less than a majority now sees the alliance in a positive light. In short, NATO has entered dangerous waters and NATO members can ill afford to take the public’s support for the alliance for granted.

One hopes that Warsaw, in years hence, will be seen as the beginning of newly invigorated NATO—and not the start of its end.

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