Common Core: A Bad Choice for America

In 2010, every state but Alaska, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia adopted Common Core State Standards, a set of requirements for what elementary and secondary school children should know in each grade in math and English language arts. Five years later, three in five Americans said they don’t know if Common Core is in their local schools.

Parents whose children will be subject to these requirements and citizens who will pay for the standards, associated tests, and myriad related initiatives deserve to know what the standards contain and to have a say in whether states retain and adopt them.

Unlike Common Core, parental choice in education has been proven, using the highest-quality studies, to raise student achievement, increase social tolerance and respect for others’ rights, vastly increase parents’ satisfaction with their children’s education, and reduce the cost of public education by at least half.

Parents must find allies and get involved in policy debates and politics if the threat posed by Common Core to their children is to be averted.

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