An Administration Worthy of Respect: Integrity, Competence, and Experience

Nearly every incoming Administration has pledged that its appointees will be subject to and will comply with the highest standards of ethical conduct. The Obama Administration, like the Clinton Administration, imposed additional ethics restrictions to close or narrow the “revolving door” between an Administration and the private sector, ostensibly to reduce the influence of lobbyists and lobbying firms on political appointees and civil servants. Regrettably, however, the current ethics regime, especially President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13490, dissuades many highly qualified candidates from serving. This is a disservice to the American people. Federal government ethics reform is long overdue. It may seem overly optimistic to task the new Administration with embracing the necessary reforms, but the stakes are too high to maintain the status quo and keep away from government many of the best problem solvers based on their experience in government and in lobbying firms.

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