Citizens Guide to Initiative 1501: To Change the State’s Public Records Act to Further the Special Interests of Organized Labor

This fall, Washington State voters will decide on whether to pass Initiative 1501, a statewide measure that supporters say would increase penalties for identity theft and fraud targeting seniors and people with disabilities. On the surface the proposal seems to ban fraud activities that are already illegal.

Initiative 1501 is a transparent attempt by an organized interest, the SEIU union, to protect its own special advantages by misleading voters into weakening our state’s strong Public Records Act. The motivation behind the measure is clearly not about protecting seniors and the disabled from identity theft or consumer fraud, and everything to do with preventing individual care providers from learning of their court-ordered rights.

An objective reading of the text and a review of its background show that Initiative 1501 would not serve the general interest of the people of our state. On the contrary, it would only serve the narrow interest of one union that is seeking to gain financial benefit from exclusive access to public information.

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