Connecticut Can Work: More Jobs for a Brighter Future

Connecticut has a problem. Instead of creating an open road to opportunity, policymakers have put in place laws and regulations that have made the state an obstacle course for workers and employers. This directly affects the people of Connecticut, because roadblocks to business growth become roadblocks to jobs; and fewer jobs mean more people struggle to support themselves and care for their families.

How many challenges does the government expect small and large business owners to navigate as they try to create jobs in Connecticut? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘too many.’ This has slowed job creation to a crawl. As a result, citizens have a hard time finding a job in Connecticut, leading them to seek opportunities elsewhere. Young people, minorities, and people without a college education have been hit particularly hard by our state’s slow job growth.

Imagine instead a Connecticut that is thriving, with a vibrant, diverse economy – one that embraces change and innovation. It can happen – but first, state policymakers must begin to dismantle the obstacle course and replace it with a smooth and open road that invites more Connecticut residents to participate and succeed in the economy.

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