Conservatism’s Loss: The Passing of Phyllis Schlafly

“A lot of people don’t understand what feminism is. They think it is about advance and success for women, but it’s not that at all,” she once said. “It is about power for the female left.” It is not concerned with the good of women, she said, but with pushing an ideology that amounts to a “fight with human nature” that falsely calls differences between men and women “just a social construct.”

As America reels in disorientation from the new world of transgender bathrooms, gay marriage, and women in combat, the wisdom of her lonely and successful struggle against the Equal Rights Amendment deserves newfound appreciation. She saw it all coming and delayed it for decades while many Republicans sat on their hands. In Republican politics, she threw out an anchor that stopped the drift of the party toward an embrace of abortion rights. The sturdiness of the party’s pro-life plank is due in no small part to her persistence. And long before the rise of the Tea Party and Donald Trump, she had put her finger on the problems of insecure borders, the loss of national sovereignty, and imperial courts.

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