President Obama’s Missile Defense Policy: A Misguided Legacy

Ballistic missiles remain a weapon of choice for many U.S. adversaries around the world. They are relatively inexpensive, and can be highly destructive. A long-range missile launched from the other side of the world can reach the continental U.S. in about 33 minutes. Armed with weapons of mass destruction, even a primitive ballistic missile can threaten hundreds of thousands of lives.

President Obama’s missile defense policies are lagging behind the ballistic missile threat, and are based on unrealistic assumptions about the international security environment.

The ballistic missile threat to the U.S. and its allies is growing. The current missile defense program does not address the threat comprehensively. The U.S. must develop and deploy a space-based missile defense architecture.

Congress and the next Administration must work together to provide adequate funding for a comprehensive layered missile defense program that is capable of addressing more advanced ballistic missile threats.

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