School Choice Makes Teachers Free to Teach

There has been a lot of talk lately about politicians interfering in classrooms, but this isn’t actually a new problem. Politicians have been interfering with good teaching ever since we created a government monopoly on schools—because that’s what a government monopoly does.

Teachers who want to be free to teach should support school choice. It breaks the government monopoly by putting parents in charge, getting politicians out of the classroom.

Parents generally respect and value teachers as responsible professionals who want to help them raise their children right. Admittedly, some parents can be difficult to deal with. But politicians have always been a much bigger problem for teachers—and, as we’ll see, it’s the politicians who put the worst parents in a position of power over schools.

Our whole education system is designed to treat teachers like factory line workers, not responsible professionals. That’s because the government monopoly on schooling makes every political interest group see schools as its business. If government runs the schools, you’re not allowed to tell taxpayers and voters to butt out of the classroom—not if we’re going to have a constitutional, democratic republic where government is of, by, and for the people.

Some of these interest groups are well-meaning and just want to help. Some have strong ideological commitments they want the government school monopoly to teach. And a lot of them are just greedy and don’t care about education one way or the other as long as the gravy trains run on time. But all of them want to have their fingers in the classroom, which means the whole education system runs on politics.

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