The Incredible Leadership of Phyllis Schlafly

Her leadership, however, was historic. She organized women (and more than a few men as well) under the banner of Eagle Forum to take their facts, their unique brand of lobbying, their winning smiles, and their messages of unintended consequences to scores of state legislators.

Phyllis was ever present at the state capitols but also on the television programs where her debating style, facts, and a smile disarmed many a host and frustrated the most fervent of her opponents. She never resorted to ad hominem attacks as her opponents often did because she had the truth and the facts on her side.

But, Phyllis Schlafly was a leader on so many other fronts that matter today. She loved the U.S. Constitution and believed it to be inspired. One of her greatest joys was being appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution. I worked for Reagan as his deputy for presidential appointments at the time and I don’t really know who was happier about this appointment—Reagan for being able to appoint Phyllis or Phyllis for receiving this appointment from Reagan.

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