After the Fall: Catholic Education Beyond the Common Core

At the heart of the Common Core agenda is a century-old dream of Progressive educators to redirect education’s mission away from engaging the young in the best of human thought and focusing instead on preparation for “real life.”
While a reasonable but quite secondary goal, workforce-development is dwarfed by Catholic schools’ transcendent goals of human excellence, spiritual transformation, and preparation for “the next life” as well.

A curriculum should be what the adults in a school community think and believe are the knowledge and abilities students will need to live good lives, to participate well in society, and to appreciate the heart of our civilization.

Catholic schools’ confidence in reason, in the intelligible nature of reality, and in the goodness of the Creator or reality, gives them an incredible competitive reality. They are speaking the language of being and transcendence. It is a language their hearts and minds were made for. This unified, transcendent, and receptive approach to knowledge cannot be adequately explored in a cramped Common Core environment.

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