Avoid Creating Ruts in the 5G Runway: The Potential Pitfalls of the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding

The next phase of the Federal Communication Commission’s Spectrum Frontiers proceeding, which is expected to identify and reallocate additional high band or millimeter-wave spectrum for mobile broadband use, is well underway. Such efforts are critical to help meet Internet of Things and 5G wireless deployment needs. The FCC announced that through its initial allocation and the further inquiry in this proceeding that it “has created a runway for U.S. companies to launch” 5G technologies.

If the 5G “runway” is going to be successful, the FCC needs to avoid creating ruts in it that hinder 5G product development and needed infrastructure investment.

As an additional important point, remember that deploying millimeter-wave band spectrum is only one part of the 5G spectrum equation. The government should actively continue to reallocate additional sub-6 GHz spectrum to meet the Obama Administration’s 2010 goal of an additional 500 MHz of mobile broadband spectrum by 2020 to support current and future wireless communications.

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