Boosting Graduation Rates in Texas Through Education Savings Accounts

Graduating from high school is a crucial outcome for young people. Unfortunately, 12 percent of Texas students fail to earn the vital credential of a high school diploma. Private school choice has a proven track record of increasing graduation rates. The launch of a universal private school choice program in the form of Education Savings Accounts in the fall of 2017 would generate 11,809 additional high school graduates in the Lone Star State by 2022. In other words, of those students attending high school today, or entering high school within a year, an additional 11,809 students will graduate with the passage of ESAs in Texas. This is a conservative projection and the numbers will also grow over time. Low-income and minority students are likely to experience the largest increase in their graduation rates due to access to private school choice, thereby reducing inequalities in the Lone Star State.

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