Does Your Brand Need Help?

Have you thought much about your brand? If not, you might want to seek out the services of Kevan Kjar and ArrowHead3 Consulting. Short of that, here are some notes from a talk Kjar gave at the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Nashville:

A brand is a reason to choose. Your brand should differentiate you from your competitors, and your competitors are whoever might be taking your customers from you.

A brand is an answer to the question: What is your unique selling proposition?

People buy with emotion and justify with facts. Think of your brand as an arrow. The arrowhead—the part that penetrates—is what your brand means, not what it does or is.

In order to connect with potential customers, find your breakthrough story—the best story about you. Your breakthrough story should (1) be emotional to your audience; (2) show how you are different from alternatives; (3) show how you are credible; (4) be delivered consistently by your team; and (5) be focused.

Some questions that can help you find your best story: What problem are you trying to solve? For whom are you trying to solve it? How are you trying to solve it? Who are your competitors? Who can help you make this happen?

You should be able to tell a version of your breakthrough story in 45 seconds.

Always be collecting stories. Make sure your stories are fresh.