Giving Israel Its Due

The challenges Israel faces today can seem overwhelming. Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action negotiated by the Obama administration last year, Iran—which has pledged to destroy the Jewish state, and continues to develop its ballistic missile program and support Jihadism throughout the Middle East—is on course to acquire a nuclear weapon in the next decade, or sooner, if it brazenly defies its international obligations, as it has in the past.

Between Shiite Islamist Hezbollah headquartered in southern Lebanon on its northern border and Sunni Islamist Hamas operating out of the Gaza Strip to the immediate southwest, 150,000 rockets and missiles imperil Israel. All of Israel’s major population centers are within range of Hezbollah’s missiles. The daily reporting from the region makes matters worse by burying Israel’s accomplishments under an avalanche of bad news, one-sided dispatches, and false accusations.

Israel is the freest, most democratic, and most pluralistic country in the Middle East.  Its ledger compares favorably to that of fellow liberal democracies around the world, few of which confront the perils that encircle the Jewish state. No small part of Israel’s task in fortifying freedom and democracy at home consists in more effectively telling its inspiring story.

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