Initiative 124: Imposing Restrictive New Wage, Workload and Hiring Regulations on Hotel Employers in Seattle

The union-drafted Initiative 124, called the Seattle Hotel Employees Health and Safety Initiative, would impose an expansive set of new work restrictions on certain hotel employers operating in the city.

The labor unions supporting Initiative 124 say the measure is about protecting the health and safety of hotel workers with mandates that would implement new worker restrictions and limit how many rooms housekeepers can clean during a shift. However, the measure also includes a variety of restrictive, union-style labor standards that have nothing to do with worker safety.

Undermining supporters’ claims that Initiative 124 is needed to protect the health and safety of hotel workers is the provisions exempting unionized employers from most of the regulations. Also undermining the measure is the provision that would allow workers to violate certain “saftey” rules in exchange for higher pay.

The on-size-fits-all regulation that Initiative 124 would mandate are over-reaching, unnecessary and would ultimately harm hotel workes, hotel guests and hotel employers.

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