Initiative 1501: Changing the State’s Public Records Act to Protect the Special Interests of Organized Labor

Initiative 1501 is a statewide measure that supporters say would simply increase penalties for identity theft and fraud that targets seniors and people with disabilities. On the surface the proposal seems an innocuous ban against activities that are already illegal.

But a closer look reveals Initiative 1501 is about much more than fighting illegal theft and fraud. The measure is an attempt by organized labor to change the state’s public records law to strengthen a union’s monopoly access to the contact information of Washington’s in-home caregivers. The effect of Initiative 1501 would be to prevent any non-union group from informing care-givers of their rights to not pay union dues or agency fees.

Under the guise of protecting society’s most vulnerable, Initiative 1501 would benefit organized labor and make it harder for individual in-home care providers to learn about their right to not pay union dues or fees.

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