New Homes and Red Tape in Alberta: Residential Land-Use Regulation in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor

As an increasing number of people move to major Canadian cities, housing prices have continued to rise in its most desirable markets. Understanding how public policy affects the supply of new homes is critical. This report presents survey results for cities in Alberta’s Calgary-Edmonton Corridor (CEC).

The publication provides a summary index of residential land-use regulation that is calculated by tallying across five key components of regulation’s impact—Approval Timelines, Cost and Fees, Council and Community, Timeline Uncertainty, and Rezoning Prevalence—in the twelve cities that generated a sufficient number of survey responses. This index ranks Strathmore as the least regulated and Strathcona County as the most. Calgary comes in below average in all categories and is the third most-regulated city ranked overall, while Edmonton ranks closer to the regional average.

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