Reforming America’s Immigration System Once and for All

No issue generates more passion in voters today than illegal immigration. Because of the focus on the economic aspect of illegal immigration, the security aspect is often lost in the debate. It is axiomatic that if 11 million illegal immigrants looking for work can cross America’s porous borders or overstay visas, then a handful of terrorists certainly can, too. This reality, therefore, requires us to determine who is here, who is coming, and who is going.

Washington can create a permanent solution for the remaining illegal immigrants here that all Americans will support only once America’s borders are secure, foreign visitors cannot overstay their visas, and employers can fill their hiring needs with legal rather than illegal workers. Until then, any amnesty proposal is premature because of the uncertain number of remaining illegal immigrants.

The status quo works only for drug cartels, traffickers, terrorists, and illegal immigrants. As is evident across Europe and America, the people want policymakers to take action on these issues. The time to act is over the next year when the American political system resets during a new presidential administration and Congress.

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