Selling Our Sovereignty: Alabama’s Federal Dependency

We have become conditioned to the “soft tyranny” of an increasingly centralized federal government and eroding state sovereignty. As a result, we’ve reaped a drastic loss of authority over matters reserved to the states by the Constitution and skewed funding priorities that are not responsive to the needs and desires of the people.

The federal dollars coming to Alabama in the form of grants are dedicated to an array of services. Funding for these grants comes predominantly from the federal government’s general fund. These dollars return to Alabama tied to innumerable stipulations and restrictions and usually lead to increases in state spending (which, of course, often necessitates tax hikes).

Alabama’s citizens deserve a state government that is free to make decisions that will best serve them, not one that is beholden to Washington. Will Alabama continue to carelessly sell its sovereignty and its values to the federal government? Or will it begin to take seriously Chief Justice John Roberts’s admonishment: “The States are separate and independent sovereigns… Sometimes they have to act like it.”

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