The Veterans Health Administration

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is plagued with dysfunction and is failing to meet the needs of the 8.3 million veterans who depend on this system for their care each year. A scandal in 2014 brought attention to “unofficial” and manipulated waiting lists, where tens of thousands of veterans languished waiting for care in the Phoenix VHA system. Many veterans even died for lack of timely care. Further investigations by the Veterans Affairs inspector general, Congress, and the While House revealed that the problem was not isolated to Phoenix, but actually affected tens of thousands of veterans nationwide.

It is truly a government-run health system, experiencing the same symptoms of other government run systems in various parts of the world. Without individual choice and competition, bureaucracy reigns.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our veterans, and should provide for their health care. But there’s simply no need for the government to operate a dysfunctional bureaucracy like the VHA. This system should be reformed so that veterans can seek care from a vast array of providers in the private sector as easily as possible. Veterans deserve the best, most competitive and most timely care our healthcare system has to offer.

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