Wake County Recommends Transit Plan To Nowhere

The Wake County Transit Plan is enormous. It calls for spending $2.3 billion over 10 years1 to build commuter rail lines and bus rapid transit (BRT), increase the number and frequency of regular bus lines, and connect every municipality in the county through transit. Should the plan be implemented, taxpayers would likely be on the hook for far more than $2.3 billion and for far longer than 10 years.

Transit is not a good thing in and of itself. It is also not inherently bad. Rather transit, like all other use of tax- payers’ money, needs to be evaluated based on how well it meets the needs of people. It is difficult to see how a bus route to an area without a lot of people that runs infrequently and only during peak hours offers something of value to anyone.

Until significant numbers of people across Wake County are using the existing transit system, tax- payers should not be asked to foot the bill for an expanded system that will be underutilized, inconvenient, and expensive.

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