Building on Victory: An Infrastructure Agenda for the New Administration

President-elect Donald Trump has stated that infrastructure will be one of his top priorities upon taking office, and many in Congress have signaled a willingness to act on infrastructure. However, the Trump Administration and Congress should evaluate the needs of the nation and make structurally sound reforms rather than rushing to pass an infrastructure package focused on politically motivated short-term spending. Federal funding for infrastructure always comes with regulations that drive up the price of taxpayer-funded infrastructure for the benefit of special interests.

President-elect Trump should not be taken in by hyperbolic rhetoric about the state of the nation’s infrastructure or lured by false promises of stimulus-induced job creation. Instead, he and his Administration should carefully consider the nation’s needs and the federal government’s role in meeting them. The best way for the new President to improve the nation’s infrastructure is to remove the federal government from the equation through deregulation and funding reforms, not to follow his predecessor down the path of more government spending.

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