Congress Should Not Let Concrete Block Growth

Producers of concrete blocks have gone to Congress to get authorization for a new federal program to advertise and promote their product. If the authorization is passed and works as intended, it will increase the demand for concrete blocks, the price of construction, and the profits of block manufacturers, as well as lower the profits of other building material producers.

All that advertising is not free. It is funded by the taxes, and it would raise the price of construction materials making investments and new homes more costly. Policymakers do have tools at their disposal that can help the concrete block industry (and many others) without hurting anyone. Policies that address the root causes of low investment will be an enormous boon to construction suppliers in their crucial role as enablers of American investment and growth.

Congress faces a choice: Is it in the business of auctioning off slices of a shrinking pie, or will it pull up its sleeves and start rolling out a bigger crust?

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