Israel Goes to Sea

The U.S. and Israeli governments share an interest not only in avoiding danger but in reversing recent trends. Israel and the United States will benefit from the former’s potential for energy independence and the security upgrades and foreign investment required achieving it. Moreover, increased maritime cooperation serves both states’ goals in the region.

Compared to the IDF ground force and Israeli Air Force, the Israel Sea Corps has taken a back seat in the defense of the country. Events will change this. Growing economic interests are likely to shift the Israeli military’s focus to the sea, which in turn will reveal the large security benefits a robust naval presence offers the Jewish State

Israel faces a transition from an economic to a geostrategic view of the sea, and must take a hard look at the role of sea power in its national strategy. Its leaders know that a vulnerable Mediterranean coastline can be the nation’s Achilles heel, but this vulnerability also presents Israel with an opportunity. Effective maritime strategy could transform Israel’s strategic position, and help ensure its security for the coming decades.

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