Privatizing U.S. Airports

President-elect Donald Trump proposed a major infrastructure plan during the election campaign. The plan would “harness market forces” and “provide maximum flexibility to the states.” That is certainly true for aviation infrastructure, which will face major challenges as passenger demand outstrips the capacity of available facilities. Along with rising demand, the average size of planes has fallen, which has increased the number of planes using airports and the air traffic control (ATC) system.

We should reduce federal intervention and move toward greater reliance on the private sector to fund, own, and operate the nation’s infrastructure.

Privatization and increased competition would boost the performance of our aviation infrastructure. It would reduce costs and encourage more efficient pricing structures for airport and air traffic control usage. Airlines, passengers, private plane owners, and taxpayers would all benefit from a more entrepreneurial and commercial approach to airport operation. America has a remarkable history of aviation innovation, but we need major policy reforms to ensure that our infrastructure remains at the leading edge in today’s global economy.

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