The Federal Land Freedom Act: Empowering States to Regulate Energy Will Yield Better Economic and Environmental Results

The United States remains the leading producer in petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons, which has produced astounding economic benefits and put money back into the wallets of American families. Federal energy policy actively hindered this energy renaissance as it was taking place. Centuries’ worth of oil, natural gas, and coal resources lie beneath private property as well as under lands owned by state governments. While federally owned lands are also full of energy potential, a bureaucratic regulatory regime has mismanaged land use for decades.

The Federal Land Freedom Act gives states the authority to administer leasing, permitting, and regulatory programs for development of all energy resources on federal lands. While Congress should pursue opportunities to reduce the size of the federal estate through privatization and transferring land to states and counties, the Federal Land Freedom Act is a significant step toward better management of America’s lands and natural resources.

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