The Myth of Obamacare Subsidies for All

Obamacare’s open enrollment, which began this week for 2017, is about as appealing as the grand opening of a DMV. Those who have logged onto since Tuesday have encountered, on average, 25-percent premium increases and reduced numbers of insurers. Only someone living in a fantasy world would describe this rolling disaster by saying, “It’s worked.”

Most people in the individual market don’t get Obamacare subsidies — only 84 percent of the roughly 55 percent who buy plans through the Obamacare exchanges do — and many of those who do get subsidies are still on the hook for almost the entire cost of their plans. This is especially true for those who are relatively young and middle class.

So, regardless of what HHS suggests or what the mainstream press parrots, the key number isn’t 84 percent; it’s 25 percent; the amazing percentage by which Obamacare premiums have risen in just one year.

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