Cyber Attacks on U.S. Companies in 2016

While the means of cyber-attacks vary, the pattern of targets has been relatively consistent. Large databases, as well as point-of-sale systems, continue to be targeted for financial gain. Hackers with possible ties to nation-states continue to target infrastructure as well as systems for political insight.

Congress and the Administration should continue to encourage the sharing of threat information. Either through formal methods with the government and information-sharing centers or through informal communication, threat information sharing can help mitigate the spread of malicious software. The U.S. should continue to improve and encourage the use of existing avenues of information sharing such as those created by the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.

Despite the potential threats that malicious actors may pose to U.S. online databases and network systems, the Internet and electronic devices continue to drive the economies of the world. The U.S. needs to take cybersecurity seriously while at the same time allowing innovation to continue to thrive.

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