Reducing Federal Intervention in Education and Moving Toward Student-Centered Policies: 10 Steps for the Incoming Administration

The Trump Administration has unprecedented opportunities to work with Congress to advance education choice as appropriate, to limit federal intervention in education, and to reform higher education in a way that creates options for students and lowers costs. The Administration can take bold steps to advance education choice by supporting reauthorization and expansion of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, expanding school choice in the Nation’s Capital, establishing education savings account options for military-connected children and children attending Bureau of Indian Education schools, and streamlining the Title I program to make it work better for recipients. The opportunities for reform extend beyond creating choices for families. The Administration should also restore state and local control of education and can begin that work by allowing states to opt out of federal programs and mandates, rescinding burdensome regulations, and eliminating duplicative and ineffective programs. Finally, the Administration, along with Congress, should work to ease the cost of college by making space for private lending and more flexible higher education alternatives.

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