The “Trump Effect”: How the Southern Poverty Law Center Mobilizes Schoolteachers to Radicalize Children to Perpetuate Hate

With the invention of the “Trump Effect,” the SPLC has finally bypassed the criminal justice system and its insistence on actually investigating the validity of reports of hate. They are liberated from the burden of proving that a “hate incident,” or even any fleeting hint of micro-aggression (let alone a crime), actually occurred. SPLC researchers and their education partners now use the excuse of researching the Trump Effect to bring their politics into classrooms in the name of conducting research on students “traumatized” by Trump’s victory.

The “Trump Effect” reports do not merely represent a new low in leftist political bias masquerading as opposition research on hate groups: They mark a frightening step in the psychological manipulation of even very young children in classroom settings to achieve the political ambitions of radical leftists. The act of researching the Trump Effect itself is an instance of political activism imposed on captive schoolchildren by the SPLC.

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