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InsiderOnline Blog: October 2004

Well, I'd Like to Think So...

Amy Ridenour at the National Center Blog pays all us Heritage employees a compliment in her critique of Canadian military contributions, which amounted to only $47 million in multinational peacekeeping operations in 2001-2002, compared to America's $669 million.

To put that $47 million figure in perspective, Canada spent less on international peacekeeping in 2002 than The Heritage Foundation, a conservative DC think-tank without a penchant for taking taxpayer dollars, took in in revenue that same year ($52 million). What's more, can anyone doubt that Heritage staffers could kick %$#@ if necessary in a foreign land?

(P.S. For a quick guide to which nations have backbone and which would need help to take on even a think-tank, click here.) (emphasis mine)

I'm a Heritage staffer and I'm reporting for duty (only not in that goofy, Democratic Convention sort of way, more in a Dirty Harry, "Go ahead, make my policy" sort of way). Very, very intimidating.

Posted on 10/08/04 02:04 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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