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InsiderOnline Blog: October 2004

Who Will Reimport?

Turns out Canada, much like France and Germany, didn't get the memo that its unquestioning compliance with John Kerry's campaign promises is vital to, well, John Kerry's campaign promises. Shortly after France and Germany pledged not to send troops to Iraq no matter who is President, Canada is now saying it's not gung-ho about drug reimportation.

A few looks at drug reimportation from the Insider database:

Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals "reduces safety, since it represents an end-run around domestic inspection procedures, undermines intellectual property protection and hence incentives to invest in research and development."

 The Free-Market Mirage of Reimportation reveals, "reimportation would effectively impose foreign price controls on the Foreign governments have created artificial markets to take advantage of U.S. patients by free-riding on American R&D."

A Prescription to Put Biotech on Life Support: recent congressional proposals advancing reimportation are to short-sighted cures which will ultimately harm those very Americans whose lives will someday depend on investment in biotechnology to create the next medical miracles.

Cato has a different take-- Drug Reimportation: The Free-Market Solution, and Heritage Debunks the Myths of Drug Reimportation.

Posted on 10/18/04 11:52 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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