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InsiderOnline Blog: October 2004

What is this 'Restraint' You Speak Of?

A few selections from the vaults on spending restraint:

Restrain Runaway Spending With a Federal Taxpayers' Bill of Rights: This idea rocks and has a great success story in Colorado.

Putting Taxpayers First, by Stephen Moore: "This paper presents a specific strategy for cutting programs and streamlining government. The benefits of a reduction in government size and modernization of government mission would be enormous— a windfall that would lower the tax burden and fund new, critical policy initiatives." Sounds good to me.

Downsizing the Federal Government, from the Cato Institute, which states, "the federal budget could be cut by $300 billion and brought back into balance by 2009 while keeping President Bush's tax cuts in place. Edwards details agency-by-agency spending cuts to return fiscal responsibility to government" Mmmm, good stuff.

Posted on 10/21/04 01:59 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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