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InsiderOnline Blog: October 2008

Coming Up – Week of October 20, 2008

Some events that caught our eye:

FIND OUT just how prone to error and vulnerable to fraud the U.S. election system is. The Heritage Foundation hosts John Fund, author of Stealing Elections.

ASSESS the state of freedom in Africa. The Cato Institute hosts Tony Leon, former leader of the opposition in the South African Parliament; and Andrew Mwenda, managing director of Uganda’s The Independent.
GAIN some perspective from past financial crises. Host: Mercatus Center.

EXAMINE policy options for dealing with Iran. The Heritage Foundation hosts a panel discussion featuring a keynote talk by former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

HEAR the No Left Turns bloggers expound on the major issues of the day. Host: Ashbrook Center.

LOOK INTO the idea of replacing the federal income tax with a progressive consumption tax. Host: American Enterprise Institute.
LEARN how radically the modern administrative state has departed from the design of the United States Constitution. The Heritage Foundation hosts Gary Lawson of Boston University.

For more conservative events, visit InsiderOnline’s Conservative Calendar.

Posted on 10/17/08 01:43 PM by Alex Adrianson

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