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InsiderOnline Blog: October 2008

Coming Up – Week of October 13, 2008

Some events that caught our eye:

• SEE the unveiling of the first Encylopedia of Libertarianism at the Cato Institute. 

• ASSESS the past half century of judicial intervention in education. Host: American Enterprise Institute.
• HEAR Judge Robert Bork’s thoughts on the role of the judiciary at The Heritage Foundation’s inaugural Joseph Story Distinguished Lecture.
• EXPLORE the mind of jihad with author Laurent Murawiec. Host: Hudson Institute.

• EXAMINE how the question of citizenship is tied up with some of the most salient political debates going on in both Europe and the United States. The American Enterprise Institute and the Council on Public Policy host a two-day forum.
• LEARN about the new nuclear renaissance that’s coming. Host: The Heritage Foundation.
• FIND OUT what to make of today’s pop culture: wasteland or wonderland? Host: America’s Future Foundation.

LEARN what made Frederick Douglass so certain that one day slavery would end. Host: The Ashbrook Center.

For more events, visit InsiderOnline’s Conservative Calendar.

Posted on 10/10/08 01:10 PM by Alex Adrianson

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