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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2004

I Knew He Was Gonna Say That!

President Bush yesterday said he earned political capital in this election and he's going to spend it-- on Social Security and tax reform. What a smart investor!

Now, the conservative movement can get behind him and try to figure out exactly how to fix both. In light of all that, I present the first edition of the new Insider, which is being mailed this week. After the redesign of this site, we at The Heritage Foundation redesigned the print Insider as well, and the first issue is filled with features about-- you guessed it-- Social Security and tax reform. 

Read about the changes to the Insider here. And check out the pdf version or your own print version for a good read on timely issues. We hope the magazine will be helpful to all of you fighting for these big reforms. Let's get started!

Posted on 11/05/04 02:13 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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