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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2004

Heaven Forfend!

Liberal campus activists and other local intellectual lights are positively fuh-reaking out over the prospect of a Western Civ course of study at The University of North Carolina. Everyone on the blue, blue island of Chapel Hill is appalled that they may have to study the rich, white men who, by the way, created our great liberty-loving nation. Horror of horrors!

Me: uhh, it didn't have one already? Let me get this straight. I had been paying NC taxes until this past year for a minor in sexuality but not Western Civ?

Read Jon Sanders' take on this on the John Locke Foundation blog (includes fun, paranoid, lefty campus e-mails). He's on the front line of this fight (me: I can't believe we actually have to fight for Western Civ). Sanders also offers a typically paranoid, lefty political cartoon from the local paper. To cheer him up, I offer another political cartoon from the same paper, this one from cartoonist John Cole, who gets it.

UPDATE: Jon Sanders informs me that the proposal is simply for students to have the option to study Western Civ. It would not be required. So, now let me get this straight. To liberals, more majors to choose from=less academic freedom. Sorry, they're gonna have to run that nuance by me one more time.


Posted on 11/15/04 03:23 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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