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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2004

Go and Make Spending Restrainers of All Nations

Jon Caldara of Colorado's Independence Institute tells how his organization is spreading the good news about TABOR, even in blue states like Maryland, even while liberals in Colorado attempt to tear TABOR down. From II's weekly newsletter:

Fiscal Policy Center Director Penn Pfiffner made, yet another, Taxpayer's Bill of Rights tour stop. This time it was the taxpayers of Maryland who wanted to hear how a Colorado-style TABOR amendment could benefit their state. Penn met with legislators, lobbyists and several radio and television outlets to explain the success of Colorado's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

Still amazed that states around the country recognize that Colorado's TABOR amendment saved us from the fiscal nightmare that engulfed many other states like California. Yet the rage this year is to trash your Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, and blame it for budgetary problems brought on by Amendment 23.

For more on TABOR, see here, here and here.

Posted on 11/18/04 01:51 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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