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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2004

The Economic Reformation

Bush's director of the National Economic Council is going back to the private sector. Now that Bush has a chance to reshape his economic team, what should he concentrate on?

Well, there's tax reform and Social Security reform, of course. Heritage's David John has mapped out a Social Security plan of action, here.

But, Bruce Bartlett of the National Center for Policy Analysis says that doing away with the Clinton-created NEC might be the key to quickening reform.

I have never been a fan of the NEC as an organization. It always has seemed to be an unnecessary extra layer of bureaucracy that added little to the implementation of economic policy. Indeed, I think the NEC has tended to get in the way, making it harder for established agencies like the Treasury Department and Council of Economic Advisers to do their jobs.

Posted on 11/29/04 11:54 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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