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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2004

Smoked Out

Sue Jeffers, a bar-owner in Minneapolis tells a sad story about her fight against the smoking ban in her town. She didn't win. The last two paragraphs are great.

So, I will now go back to running my bar. I will have to work longer and harder. I will not hire as many people as I try to gauge the impact of this ban. I will try to keep my staff and customers safe enforcing yet another regulation. I will sweep up the cigarette butts on the sidewalks and apologize to my neighbors for the increased noise, litter, and vandalism. I will likely terminate the lease of my neighbor so I can tear down the building and provide a safe place for my staff and customers to smoke.

I am a business owner. I don’t want to blow smoke in your face, in your homes, or even in your business. I want to run my business. Please don’t force your regulations on me. What is more important--jobs and revenues or an exaggerated health risk? While smoke-haters rejoice the new ban, my booths will sit empty and family-run bars and restaurants will slowly, but surely, fade away from the Minneapolis landscape. I will grow old waiting for all those nonsmokers to come pouring through my door.


Posted on 11/30/04 04:20 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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